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Twas the Day Before… Are You Ready?

Well, we’re almost there.

Register if you haven’t already. The link rebelled for a day or two but is all fixed.

There’s still a few appointments left with various presenters and maybe even one or two for pitching.

Cost is $179 and includes both Friday and Saturday.

We’re live in just over 24 hours… and yes, that means we’re all in the same place. Such a novel concept, eh?

Here are a couple of posts you still may enjoy.

Check out some of the presenters here: See more on the Presenter Page.

Make sure you follow so you can keep up with what happening within the Wine Country Writers’ Community.

And follow the newsletter that goes out every once in a while to keep everyone informed and inspired.

See you soon.


Sunday Wine Tour

On Sunday, September 25th join us for a wine tour down to the Oliver Wine Village.

Though this is not an official part of the Wine Country Writers’ Festival we will facilitate the van transport from the Lakeside to the Village and return.

Cost is $41 (transport and gst included)which must be paid before.

This is an opportunity to sample more wines and even a craft brewery. Space is limited to 14 in one van but another can be commissioned.

If you’re interested please email wcwfestival@gmail.com and put WINE TOUR in the subject line.

$41 is the cost of transportation only and does not include any of the wine tasting.

The wine tasting costs vary per winery. Please check the website.

Thank you.


Have You Planned Your Classes? Don’t Forget the Slush Pile!

Have you checked the schedule online yet? It’s jam packed with great presenters and workshops!

The last session of Saturday September 24 will be a SLUSH PILE.

This is always a lot of fun.

What’s a slush pile? Wikipedia does a great job of defining it as follows:

Source: Steve Laube Agency

In publishing, a slush pile is a set of unsolicited query letters or manuscripts that have either been directly sent to a publisher by an author, or which have been delivered via a literary agent representing the author who may or may not be familiar to the publisher.

as per Wikipedia

In other words it’s a pile of stuff that will be dealt with sooner or later… or not at all.

These are the places where query letters and manuscripts go an fight a valiant fight to be noticed amongst the others.

Well, we’ll have our own little slush pile party. Bring the first (yes first) page of your manuscript. No name as its anonymous.

Polish it off and bring it along with you. There’ll be a collection bin at the registration table where you can leave it.

Pages will be randomly selected and read aloud to the panel and audience. Those on the panel will then tell everyone their thoughts on the writing, the premise, the hook… Normally this exercise is done with agents and publishers but we’re using authors too. The critique will be about the words on the page… does it hook me? do I want to read more? does the writing need help?

Remember it’s anonymous. You do not need to reveal your identity unless you want to.

This means you can hear the good and perhaps the not-so-good, of each reading.

Learn from the different styles, voices, and techniques. Listen to what the expert panel has to say.

This is an opportunity for anonymous feedback from industry professionals.

Print it off and bring it along… no names–remember.

Source of cover pic: DrewChialAuthor.com


Are You Registered Yet? That is the Question…

This is a Festival that offers an in-person experience to reconnect and build your writing community.

There is an agent looking for clients to pitch to him. He’s looking to represent commercial and literary fiction.

There’s also a publisher who is looking for diverse voices, domestic fiction and nonfiction, cook books, Canadiana, and poetry.

There’s another publisher/editor looking for the next sensational horror writer…

On top of ALL that, there are over ten presenters who will teach you different things about the literary world, its craft, and it’s business.

Get registered. It’s time now. Cost is only $179–which is GREAT value but if you email me at wcwfestival@gmail you’ll receive $20 off.

Wine Country Writers’ Festival

September 23 and 24, 2022 in Penticton, B.C. at the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre. Start at 4 pm Sept 23.



An Invitation to Community…

Everyone is welcome at Wine Country Writers’ Festival. No experience necessary.

If you have been secretly writing a book, come and meet others.

If you’ve always wanted to, but were too nervous or shy to try–this is the place for you!

If you’ve already embraced the title of writer, come on over and we’ll chat…

The workshops are for everyone. Community and connection are essential to a writer’s growth.

Heed the words of Margaret Atwood.

It’s not too late to register.

There are still some pitch and blue pencil appointments available. Live and in person… can’t get any better than that.


Blue Pencil and Pitches… Deadlines Looming.

Hi Everyone.

Please be aware that the deadline for signing up for a Blue Pencil or a Pitch coming soon. It’s not too late and it is included in the price of registration.

Documents are to be sent by September 10th, 2022 to wcwfestival.com

Please put BLUE PENCIL or PITCH in the subject line.

Spots are limited. If you’re requesting an appointment then you must pick your top three choices as some are already full.

A blue pencil will consist of no more than four (4)- five (5) pages–double spaced. 


  • You’ll be informed by email (wcwfestival@gmail.com) of when to forward.–BEFORE SEPT 10th.
  • Your blue pencil appointment will take place live during Saturday September 24 during the Festival (except for Jonas Saul or Anna O’Keeffe –which will be done by Zoom also during the Festival)
  • You will have 12 minutes to discuss your work.
  • Submissions requested now.
  • Ensure your s*am filter doesn’t filter out the WCWF email. 
  • You’ll get your scheduled appointment with your registration.
  • Be aware that you may not get your first choice but each presenter doing the critiques has something unique to offer. 
  • Your patience is appreciated. 
  • Remember, a blue pencil is NOT an edit. It is a discussion about your writing and asking advice and being open to suggestions about your writing etc. 


For a pitch. Please put together these items: 

  • query letter–with comparables (see the Reedsy link below)
  • 500 word synopsis
  • one or two sentences as to why you’re the best to write this book/project
  • first six pages
  • watch your email

Make your work as professional as possible… That means that’s it’s edited and formatted. Do a little bit of research on how to pitch. Check Jane Friedman or Reedsy

Also please check your sp*m filters to ensure that our emails WCWFestival@gmail.com get through. There will be a lot of information coming your way over the next several days.


Come Chat One-on-One With Pulp Literature

Have you ever wanted to talk to a publisher and ask about what catches their eye?

Perhaps you’ve submitted to a magazine several times but to no avail.

Attending the Wine Country Writers’ Festival may help you in your quest to learn and better prepare for success in the literary world.

Attending and presenting are the Editors-in-Chief of Pulp Literature.

They want to talk to you and hear your ideas. They also want to share their knowledge and expertise.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect and get to know others in the writing community.

Get that registration in sooner rather than later.


Are You Signed up For the Newsletter?

Hello Writers! A Wine Country Writers’ Festival Newsletter was delivered tonight.

Did you get it?

It has a $20 discount code for registration, as well as, a ton of information.

Let me know if you need me to forward it to you and I can do it as soon as possible.

Remember this is a LIVE event. We are not broadcasting any content.

Don’t hesitate to send a question to wcwfestival@gmail.com

Ensure that you’re email is attached.

September 23 and 24th are going to come quickly.

Overlooking Skaha Lake. Blasted Church Winery

The List of Presenters is Awesome. Meet Dave Butler!

Dave Butler, was born and raised in Penticton. In fact, he graduated from Pen-High.

He’s now returning to his old stomping grounds to present a workshop on Eco-Thrillers/Mystery.

This is a very exciting sub-genre that offers an examination into the environment in which we live and how it can affect everything around us.

His first three books are eco-mysteries follow Park Warden Jenny Willson, as she investigates poachers, bureaucracy, deceit, and even murder.

Dave is an award winning author and has two more projects that will launch soon.

Dave’s Books can be found in the Book Bar at http://www.wcwfestival.com

Register for the Festival now.

Follow the Newsletter for up-to-date information and savings opportunities.


Do You Need Help to Enhance Your Creativity?

If you answered yes (or sometimes), then come take a workshop with Mehrnaz Massoudi.

She will be leading a workshop on tapping! As she gives us all take-away tools to enhance our creativity and get writing.

Mahrnaz will also be doing a reading from her book on Friday evening from her book Never Without Love.

Register now for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival.