How to Be Part of the Book Bar, A Side Bar Sponsor, Vendor, And More…

The Virtual Book Bar

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If you’d like to have your books up on the Virtual Book Bar, email Faye Arcand The cost is $10 for a maximum of three books. It requires:

  • Your name and link to Author Site
  • You do not have to attend or register for WCWF in order to participate
  • The book jacket
  • Links to where the books are sold…just one please
  • The title of the book
  • The genre
  • Age target: middle grade? adult?
  • one sentence to describe the essence of the book.
  • payment of $10

Do You Want to Be a Vendor at WCWF?

If you’d like to book a table to set up in our main room, there will be a WCWF Market Place opportunity for you.

We’re looking specifically for vendors who cater to creatives. Are you an artist? A crafter? A Masseuse? A tarot card reader…

Let’s chat…

Email Faye Arcand or Jim Jackson Price of a table is $60. Space is limited.


  • Name of Company
  • Target product
  • Your own set up and equipment. Only table will be supplied.
  • The Directors of WCWF reserve the right to refuse tables** if deemed inappropriate for the event.
  • Payment of $60

Do you, or Your Company, Want to Be a Side Bar Sponsor?

What is a Side Bar Sponsor?

This is a Way to be involved as an independent business person, a corporation, or just as a supporter of the Festival.

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Here’s the Tiers For Side Bar Sponsorship:

La Scribbler de Shiraz includes:

  • Your name on the sponsor page as a Side Bar Sponsor
  • The ability to add to the swag bags of all guests. Limited to one small item like a business card, button, book mark.

$25 Can.

Le Merlot Muse includes:

  • Everything that is in La Scribbler de Shiraz
  • Extra Festival appropriate literature, brochures etc. now can be included.**
  • The Addition to the Sponsor Page
  • with photo and links to main web page.
  • Name or Company name included in the Newsletter


L’Authere du Cabernet includes:

  • Everything listed in La Scribbler de Shiraz and Le Merlot Muse.
  • Logo and links included on WCWF website and newsletters.
  • An interview with WCWF Directors to be highlighted on the WCWF Website and any social media platforms used.
  • Will be recognized during opening ceremonies at the event.
  • May hang a logo banner appropriate to Festival.**
  • You may also have a suggestion. Try us.


And there’s another option too….

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Le Champagne du Festival a Penticton WCWF ’22

If you want the opportunity to sponsor part of the event, please contact the Directors, Faye Arcand and/or Jim Jackson to discuss further.

This could look like:

  • Having all privileges of Le Scribbler de Shiraz, La Merlot Muse, and L’Authere du Cabernet
  • perhaps providing in-house h’orderves or ? for guests.
  • maybe sponsoring a meeting room or event
  • offering free registration (scholarship) for someone who can’t afford it
  • or maybe you’d like to offer a weekend pass with hotel room and festival
  • the possibilities are endless and can be exciting for the participants and you.
  • Let’s chat.


** all goods, services, and literature must be appropriate for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival. The Directors reserve the right to refuse anything deemed inappropriate.

If you require further information on any of the above opportunities, please contact either Faye Arcand or Jim Jackson at