Writing Festivals Are Seriously Fun, Informative, and Inspirational

Hi All.

Last weekend I attended the Word on the Lake writing festival in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. What a fun time!

There’s something special about being surrounded by writers and like-minded individuals.

Some of those people are a bit… idk… different! But what a great place to be different.

L to R: WCWF Jim Jackson. WCWF Faye Arcand. Writer/presenter/all round good guy: Andrew Buckley

I learned a lot and was inspired by several of the guests and presenters attending the Festival.

We’re so excited for Wine Country Writers’ Festival 2023!

This year, there’s a great line up of presenters and industry professionals who’ll be there to help you through the different stages of writing and answer all your questions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pitch your novel to publishers and even an agent or two… Keep watching.

So get ready, we’re almost ready to open registration… check the countdown clock!


Registration opens at noon on May 31, 2023


The Countdown to Register is on…

Time is ticking away…

Are you ready to register? Make sure you mark your calendar.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll help you get to know the presenters and the opportunities available at the Wine Country Writers’ Festival.

So stay tuned.

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Time to Register for WCWFest ’23

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

The WCWF Book Bar is Coming Alive…

Source: Scopio. Artist Maria Dashkova

If you’re looking for a way to get your book seen without spending a fortune, the WCWFest Book Bar is a popular and economical way to get the job done.

Check out theWCWF Virtual Book Bar HERE

Authors sign up to be part of the Book Bar, and showcase up to three books for only $10 on our website. This includes cover, title, author, genre, and a brief one-line description, plus links to the author website, socials, and book sales page.

All books will are listed alphabetically through to the following holiday season and then removed to prepare for the next WCWFest. 

So, for $10, you can have them posted in April 2023 and they remain active links through until approximately January 2024. You do not need to register for or attend the conference to have your books on the Book Bar. If you have more than three books, you can purchase another $10 slot. No problem.

Last year, we had a great array of genres, including:

  • fantasy
  • literary
  • poetry
  • non-fiction
  • romance
  • thriller
  • Christian 
  • young adult
  • …what’s yours?

If you want to be included on the Book Bar, email wcwfestival@gmail.com for more information or send us the following information with payment and we’ll get it up online.

Here’s what is required. 

  • Author name and website
  • front jacket of each book
  • Title, genre and subgenre if required.
  • target reader age (esp if 18+)
  • one sentence to describe each book. 
  • links to web sites and to a sale site. 
  • the author may also include either a link to link tree or three socials… must be proper links

Payment Information.

1-3 Books $10 Canadian 4-6 Books $20 Canadian

Pay via E-transfer (only available in Canada) to: wcwfestival@gmail.com


PayPal wcwfestival@gmail.com


Pitch To A Publisher… No Agent Required.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Writing festivals are such a great time to meet new friends, network, and build your community, but it’s also a time to connect with professionals who can help your writing career.

We have publishers Zoooooming in to the Wine Country Writers’ Festival to take pitches for your books and creative works.

Keep an eye on the webpage and make sure you’re all signed up to receive the newsletter so you don’t miss any news.

We have publishers who specialize in:

  • children’s books
  • middle grade
  • young adult fiction
  • poetry
  • literary nonfiction
  • fiction
  • BC regional nonfiction
  • queer women’s fiction/nonfiction/poetry
  • trans fiction/nonfiction/poetry
  • and more….

One pitch is included in the WCWFest registration fee and filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Stay tuned for more…

Don’t Forget to Enter the Writing Contest

The writing contest is now open.

Check HERE for more information. It’s only $15 per entry or 2 for $25 if entered at same time.


Soon you’ll be able to see all the presenters and information on the website. More is being added and updated every day.

Do You Want Your Book on the Book Bar?

Have you got a published book that you’d like everyone to know about? Put it on the WCWF Virtual Book Bar.

Cost is only $10 for one to three books. Check HERE and email for more information as required.


Keep working on your books and projects. Talk soon.


The WCWFestival Writing Contest Opens in THREE Days….

Hi Everyone!

Oh, it’s getting so close. The contest is almost open. Make sure you contact Kara at WCWFcontest@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

There’s a lot happening to get ready for the Festival so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter. One went out today so check your email.

Get those stories and poems submitted.


Note These Important Dates

Hello everyone!

The planning and behind the scenes work for Wine Country Writers’ Festival 2023 is well underway.

The 3rd Annual WCWF Writing Contest Opens at noon on March 29 and closes on June 30, 2023

So mark that calendar and get those stories done.

Here are some pix of past winners!

Remember if you were a first place winner in 2022, your registration for this year is waived. Remember to still fill in the registration form when it opens though so we have your name etc. for the badges and such.

Which of course leads right into REGISTRATION.

Can you believe that we’re going into our third year already?

Plan to be with us for

September 22/23/24, 2023 at the Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre. Blocks of rooms have been put aside. Please ask for the Festival Rate.

Plan your weekend. Friday we will start around 3:30, then full day Saturday, and until mid to late afternoon (start and end times will be specified by registration opening. This is just to give you an idea so you can plan.)

Registration will open noon May 31, 2023 with the Early Bird Registration being $189.

At midnight of August 01, 2023, the Registration will increase to $219.

We have many exciting and dynamic presenters coming to share their stories and knowledge with us, and some exciting new programing too.

Make sure you following the Newsletter if you’re not already.