Add your book to the Book Bar

If you’re looking for a way to get your book seen without spending a fortune, the WCWFest Book Bar is a popular and economical way to get the job done.

Authors sign up to be part of the Book Bar, and for $10, they can showcase a maximum of three books on our website. This includes cover, title, author, genre, and a brief one-line description plus links to the author website and book sales page.

All books will are listed alphabetically through to the following holiday season and then removed to prepare for the next WCWFest. 

So, for $10, you can have them posted in April 2023 and they remain active links through until approximately January 2024. You do not need to register for or attend the conference.

Last year, we had a great array of genres, including: fantasy, literary, LGBTQ, poetry, non-fiction, romance, thriller, Christian, and young adult.

If you want to be included on the Book Bar, email for more information.