Pitch To A Publisher… No Agent Required.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Writing festivals are such a great time to meet new friends, network, and build your community, but it’s also a time to connect with professionals who can help your writing career.

We have publishers Zoooooming in to the Wine Country Writers’ Festival to take pitches for your books and creative works.

Keep an eye on the webpage and make sure you’re all signed up to receive the newsletter so you don’t miss any news.

We have publishers who specialize in:

  • children’s books
  • middle grade
  • young adult fiction
  • poetry
  • literary nonfiction
  • fiction
  • BC regional nonfiction
  • queer women’s fiction/nonfiction/poetry
  • trans fiction/nonfiction/poetry
  • and more….

One pitch is included in the WCWFest registration fee and filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Stay tuned for more…

Don’t Forget to Enter the Writing Contest

The writing contest is now open.

Check HERE for more information. It’s only $15 per entry or 2 for $25 if entered at same time.


Soon you’ll be able to see all the presenters and information on the website. More is being added and updated every day.

Do You Want Your Book on the Book Bar?

Have you got a published book that you’d like everyone to know about? Put it on the WCWF Virtual Book Bar.

Cost is only $10 for one to three books. Check HERE and email for more information as required.


Keep working on your books and projects. Talk soon.

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