Blue Pencil and Pitches… Deadlines Looming.

Hi Everyone.

Please be aware that the deadline for signing up for a Blue Pencil or a Pitch coming soon. It’s not too late and it is included in the price of registration.

Documents are to be sent by September 10th, 2022 to wcwfestival.com

Please put BLUE PENCIL or PITCH in the subject line.

Spots are limited. If you’re requesting an appointment then you must pick your top three choices as some are already full.

A blue pencil will consist of no more than four (4)- five (5) pages–double spaced. 


  • You’ll be informed by email (wcwfestival@gmail.com) of when to forward.–BEFORE SEPT 10th.
  • Your blue pencil appointment will take place live during Saturday September 24 during the Festival (except for Jonas Saul or Anna O’Keeffe –which will be done by Zoom also during the Festival)
  • You will have 12 minutes to discuss your work.
  • Submissions requested now.
  • Ensure your s*am filter doesn’t filter out the WCWF email. 
  • You’ll get your scheduled appointment with your registration.
  • Be aware that you may not get your first choice but each presenter doing the critiques has something unique to offer. 
  • Your patience is appreciated. 
  • Remember, a blue pencil is NOT an edit. It is a discussion about your writing and asking advice and being open to suggestions about your writing etc. 


For a pitch. Please put together these items: 

  • query letter–with comparables (see the Reedsy link below)
  • 500 word synopsis
  • one or two sentences as to why you’re the best to write this book/project
  • first six pages
  • watch your email

Make your work as professional as possible… That means that’s it’s edited and formatted. Do a little bit of research on how to pitch. Check Jane Friedman or Reedsy

Also please check your sp*m filters to ensure that our emails WCWFestival@gmail.com get through. There will be a lot of information coming your way over the next several days.

3 thoughts on “Blue Pencil and Pitches… Deadlines Looming.”

  1. Hi Faye, I’m embarrassed I forgot who I signed up with for blue pencil ? Do I just send you my short fiction piece and you’ll match it?

    will we receive the schedule of workshops and our blue pencil time scheduled a week before?? I function at my best and work around my invisible impairments with lots of preplanning etc. Best Of Care and Thanks kindly! sue s.j. Shalgaire


  2. Hi Faye p.s. I thought I Checked off my first & second choice on a BLUE PENCIL.. when I registered . Though with my challenges I may have missed a step in the process? Looking for a fiction writer , I’ve a thousand word piece as short /flash fiction story . I’ve not received an appointment . Apologize for my extra pestering you. sue — sj Shalgaire

    warm regards

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    1. Hi Sue. You actually signed up to talk with Corinna Chong. Not to worry. You haven’t missed anything. In the next day or two please send me the piece you want her to look at. It shouldn’t be too long–max 750ish words. You’ll receive your appointment time with your registration package when you check into the Festival. Send your writing to me though and I’ll forward it so Corinna can read it before she meets you.
      All good.


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