WCWFestival Just Added ANOTHER Quality Presenter and Other News…

How many times have you felt so stressed and overwhelmed that you stop writing?

You convince yourself that the creative process is blocked and there are too many negatives in your way to continue…

Meet Penticton local Mehrnaz Massoudi. She will be leading a 50 minute workshop on providing hands on techniques to learn to handle stress while also opening up the creative centers within.

Check out the presenter page. I’m so excited to take her class as this is something I’ve wanted to learn for a very long time.

Contest is Closed

We received entries from all over the world this year. We’re excited to see the contest grow and this allows us in coming years to up the prize monies.

All the entries are now off to the judges below and will all be coordinated carefully to ensure all the rules are followed and everyone is on equal grounds.

We look forward to the judges coming back with the results and then getting started on the 2022 WCWF Anthology.

A Word About Registration

The registration has been steady and constant. We only have room for 150 guests.

If you want a blue pencil critique or a pitch to an agent or publisher, please know that those appointments are dwindling.

Current registration is $179. (There may be a special at $159 going on until Sunday August 14, 2022. Email: Faye wcwfestival@gmail.com and mention this post. 😉)

Make Sure You’re Following on Instagram and Twitter

Follow: wcwfestival.com

Have a great evening everyone. Thanks for reading. Any questions? Let us know.

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