Wine and Romance… A Perfect Combination.

What kind of wine would you pair with a romance novel? Hmmm… so much to consider. The taste, the color, the smell, the feel on the palate, and let’s not forget the nuance of memories, experience, and the heart.

As writers we’re asked to put words to experiences all the time, but this will be a fun, playful exercise of words and wine.

Believe me, we haven’t forgotten the other genres– thrillers? sci-fi? fantasy? horror?

Why not use all your senses and experience the blending of wine and writing.

During the Wine Country Writers’ Festival, Time Family of Wines will be doing a wine tasting for all interested writers and we’ll see what we can create in the pairings of wine and genre!

This experience is included in the registration fee for WCWF registered guests. Make sure you register soon.

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