Hey Everyone… The Schedule is Live. Start Making Your Plans…

Happy June everyone! It’s been cool here, but I’m okay with that because we know the summer heat is coming.

I wanted to let you all know the schedule is up so you can plan your time.

While it’s subject to change, the basic skeleton will stay the same.

Jim and I working out the schedule over a rose.

Last week, Jim and I went wine tasting at Time Family of Wines and paired five different wines with five different genres.

What would you pair with a romance? How about a thriller or a western?

It was a lot of fun.

Time Family of Wines will be attending our Saturday evening to offer wine tastings and you can discover our pairings.

Check out the schedule and let me know if you have any questions.

Beautiful… This was one of the pairing … Can you guess which one?

July 1, 2020 is going to come fast so be aware.

The registration is a two step process where you click on the button and go fill out a form and then return to either pay with PayPal or if you’re in Canada you can pay by E-Transfer.


WCWF Registration

Early Bird Registration for Wine Country Writers’ Festival


2 thoughts on “Hey Everyone… The Schedule is Live. Start Making Your Plans…”

  1. Good morning Faye. A question. Not sure I’m to ask you but heee goes. Redirect me if necessary. If I’ve stated I want to take advantage of the blue pencil offer, do I bring three pages of my writing with me to the festival? Or do I submit ahead of time to someone? Thanks. Sorry. My first festival😊 army

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