An Evening at Time Family of Wine as We Make More Plans for WCWF!

Hi Everyone.

During this last week, Jim Jackson, visited the Okanagan on a fantastic planning and organizing trip for WCWF.

Picture of me and Jim at Time Family of Wines. Testing some of the wine…Hmmm….maybe this particular wine is too literary… 🤔or perhaps it pairs well with Sci-Fi…nah…too literary.

You’ll Get a Chance to Do Some Wine Sampling Too…

We had a blast at Time Family of Wines! They’re a huge supporter of our Wine Country Writers Festival and we truly appreciate all their help!!

Jim and I went to the winery and together with help from Pete the Som, we paired wine with different genres of writing!! How FUN is that?!

In the Saturday evening (Sept 24) of the Festival, Time will come do wine tasting and you can experience what pairings we made. (tastings will happen in the evening at 7pm before the slush pile–this is included in your registration for WCWF.)

You’ll have to let us know if you agree with the wine we chose. 😊🍷🍷

This is Jim Jackson…
Beautiful french fries… (this is a side order!) Yummy.

At Time Family of Wines we also kicked back with some music snd had a wonderful dinner.

This is me and Stacey. A great writer friend who will be helping out at the Festival.

For the Wine Country Writers’ Festival, you’ll be able to sip some wine, enjoy some readings, learn about writing–whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a published author. There’ll be something for everyone.

There is a maximum number of registrations being sold so that we can keep this as a boutique event and build our community of writer friends and family.

Beautiful and floral Rose wine…. Hmm perhaps these would go well
with a romance novel…What do you think?

Question: Do I have to Drink Wine to Come to WCWF? No. You absolutely do not. You do you. Be who you are and enjoy the company of people around you. If you want to do that with a glass of water, that’s fine too.

You Can Register Here.

If you’re not yet registered, you have until June 30, 2022 to take advantage of the Early Bird price of only $139. On July 01/22 the price increases to $159 and Again on August 1, 2022 to $179.

After completing the form, you must pay. Either by returning to the website to pay by PayPal or to your bank account for E Transfer.

You’re not fully registered until payment and registration is completed and received.

We hope to see you there. Any Question? Just drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.


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