Registration Opens in Less than a Month

Hi All. Just a quick update to let you know the shaking and groovin’ behind the scenes is still going full throttle.

We’re working hard to make Wine Country Writers’ Festival (WCWF) a fun, informative, and buzz worthy event–all for you!

It’s shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind event that isn’t your typical writing festival.

Remember we are intentionally “boutique” in nature. This means we’re dedicated to providing the networking opportunity, as well as, work-shops, speakers, readings, and of course … a sip or two of wine.

Sponsor and supporter of WCWF–Thank You!

So keep your eyes open everyone! Registration will open the afternoon of April 25th, 2022. Early Bird pricing will be in effect for a very short period of time.

Stay tuned….

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