WCWF Anthology

Hi All. Well, we’ve come through the other side of the Festival. A month has now passed and loose ends are almost tied up.

The Anthology will be ready before Christmas.

The price is $18 each.

Payment can be sent via e-transfer to:


Don’t hesitate to email me at the same email address if you have any questions. Remember we’ll need your full name and address along with the payment.

Pictures Please…

If you have any pictures from the Festival or with your writing contest certificate–please forward them so we can put them on the website! We’d love to see and display them online.

Just So You Know…

We’ve gone through the feedback forms. You’re all amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that.

With the feedback forms we can only get better.

This year there were a few glitches and definitely things we hadn’t anticipated, but with your help we’ll be able to correct those and charge forward with the best Okanagan writing event!

The Book Bar…

The Book Bar will continue to be online and promoted monthly. Please check it out and support your fellow authors.

See you soon.

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