Time’s Ticking, Ticking, Ticking…. WCWF Writing Contest Closes In a Week…

Well, here we are nearing the middle of August and that of course can only mean one thing… You gotta get those entries in.

We all have stories to share.

I received validation from a writing contest several years ago. It was the Writer’s Digest Annual Contest. Back in those days (must’ve been around 2006), I received a letter of congratulations—I was like 89th out of thousands.

I have no idea how many letters they sent out but dang, it made my day.

Entering a contest can be scary, that’s why we chose really professional and thorough judges. They’ll treat all your entries with the respect they deserve.

I’ll probably throw out a couple more reminders this week.

So, come step through and get that story submitted…

Close date is August 15, 2021 @ midnight!

Source: Unsplash Tim Mossholder


NOTE: You DO NOT have to attend or register for the Festival in order to enter the writing contest.

It’s all about EMAIL…


Email the above address and tell me how many entries you want to submit.

One entry is $15 Two entries: $25

You can e-transfer funds to above email address. No password or special code is required. It is a direct deposit.

If you prefer PayPal: send funds to the above email.

A confirmation of payment will be sent to Kara Antifeau, the Contest Coordinator. She’ll then expect and watch for your entry(s).

If there are any questions, first check out the

Contest Page WCWFContest@gmail.com

Have Fun… Go For It.

(Cover photo: Source: Unsplash Waranont (Joe)

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